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Is Huckabee Trying To Divide The Nation?

Speaking of Huckabee and Romney, this is also interesting:

Romney took the opportunity to jab at fellow Republican hopeful Gov. Mike Huckabee, saying "I think that a candidate or a president that tried to make his religion a defining a feature of his campaign or of his term in office, would tend to divide the nation rather than bring us together." 

Huckabee recently unveiled a television advertisement in which he calls himself a "Christian Leader," directly referencing his role as a Baptist minister.

Huckabee's recent ad may have been a bit much for my taste, too. But, then, I'm not a conservative evangelical who votes in GOP primaries. I think most people who fit that profile would be pretty excited about a candidate who made religion a defining feature of his campaign.

Just like I agreed with Huckabee's explanation of his illegal immigrant/college scholarship position but thought Romney got the better of that exchange during last Wednesday's debate, I think it's pretty clear Huckabee has the upper hand here politically.

--Noam Scheiber