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Huckabee's Bad Day

Missing Credentials: [Dick Polman, Dick Polman’s American Debate]: “[I]t's hard to imagine that Republican voters … would ultimately entrust the '08 nomination to a guy who has no national security creds...and who had to be clued into the contents of the season's biggest national security story.”

Bare Bones: [Byron York, The Corner]: “Beyond doing nothing to resolve doubts about his foreign policy qualifications, the exchange underscores the fact that Huckabee doesn't really have much of a campaign, in the sense that Giuliani and Romney have campaigns, with teams of advisers and carefully-thought-out policy positions.”

Bad to Worse: [Kevin, Lean Left]: “[H]uckabee and his staff have apparently fought the release of records pertaining to his involvement in the case. Huckabee believed the lunatics over the evidence and let a rapist free to graduate to murderer. And he has spent all the time since trying to find some way to not have to take responsibility for it.”

Silver Lining: [Ross Douthat, The Atlantic]: “But instead of making the conversation about issues where Huckabee is vulnerable and Romney isn't, the Romney campaign has guaranteed that for the next two weeks at least and probably beyond, the media conversation will be about, well, Mormonism.”

--Ben Crair