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Romney's Theological Photo-op


Manchester, New Hampshire -- It seems a reasonable guess that Mitt Romney's religion speech tomorrow will be a fairly empty affair, and that its actual purpose is not to reveal anything new about Romney himself but simply to command big media coverage for a couple of days and put Romney in a dignified and presidential setting. (He's speaking at the George H.W. Bush library in College Station, Texas. An interesting gesture by the elder Bush, though he's been supportive of at least one other candidate.)

Anyway, the fact that the Romney campaign today took the unusual step of emailing out several photos showing a thoughtful Mitt polishing up his address reinforces my sense that this is about atmospherics and reasserting himself in the media as much as anything else. (Here he is in casual mode, if you insist.)

Meanwhile, I'm headed to see John McCain hold a "politics & sports town hall meeting" with Red Sox ace Curt Schilling. More later.

--Michael Crowley