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Maybe The Worst Part Of Romney's Illegal Alien Problems

Just asking: Is there a way in which the Mormon story and the immigration story intersect for Romney in really bad ways? From the full version of the Globe's latest Romney illegal-alien bust:

Asked to show the papers to reporters to prove the workers are here legally, Saenz [the owner of the landscaping service] declined, adding that he was not obligated to verify the employees' documents with the government. "It's not my responsibility," said Saenz, who has said he met Romney through the Mormon church. "I ask them to show me papers. And if they show me papers, what can I do? I'm not an investigator who can tell if they're good or bad."

It's not so hard to imagine someone who harbors vague suspicions of a Mormon cabal wondering: Would Romney have been so lenient on a guy who wasn't a fellow Mormon?

--Noam Scheiber