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The Obama "muslim" Lie Lives

Manchester, NH-- Right-wing talk radio maniac Michal Savage--who, whether you like it or not, has 8 million listeners--riffed away tonight about the Obama "Muslim" email and asked why Obama was not publicly addressing the (in his view) mysterious unanswered questions. (Hyper-cautious disclaimer: There are none. Obama is an avowed Christian.)

Savage doesn't get half the attention from elites that Coulter does but he may actually be the more reprehensible of the two. 

P.S. In other media news, John McCain got great play on WMUR tonight from his Curt Schilling event, which Zengerle wound up covering*. And the fabled Manchester station gave only a fleeting mention to the new Washington Post-ABC poll showing that Hillary's lead over Obama here has nearly evaporated--and no reference to Hillary's decline; good news for HRC. Also: This may be evidence of nothing, but I've seen three John Edwards ads this evening but none from any other candidate. (Update: Oops, spoke too soon--here's a Rudy ad claiming the Democrats will raise taxes, Romney rolling up his sleeves, and Obama bringing Democrats and Republicans together. And McCain. And Hillary... Oh, never mind.)

* One thing Jason didn't mention: Standing in the back of the auditorium at McCain's event this evening was a global warming activist in an elaborate snowman costume, complete with red scarf and long carrot nose. During the question-and-answer period, McCain actually called on the guy--although McCain somehow initially thought the snowman was a chicken. You sorta had to be there.

--Michael Crowley