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Are Snowmen The Soccer Moms Of '08?

Mike reminds me of a funny moment I failed to mention from the McCain-Schilling event:

Standing in the back of the auditorium at McCain's event this evening was a global warming activist in an elaborate snowman costume, complete with red scarf and long carrot nose. During the question-and-answer period, McCain actually called on the guy--although McCain somehow initially thought the snowman was a chicken. You sorta had to be there. 

But then Mike leaves out the next part. After McCain called on him, the Snowman--perhaps smarting from being mistaken for poultry--directed his question not at the senator but at Schilling, who basically filibustered on the topic of what he was doing to combat global warming. His answer seemed to boil down to the boast that he didn't drive a Hummer. McCain seemed grateful that Schilling took the Snowman's bullet. I can't imagine the Straight Talk Express gets very good MPG.

--Jason Zengerle