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Romney Dinged Hard By Union Leader

Manchester, NH-- Check out this unusual above-the-fold front-page editorial (top left column) by UL publisher Joe McQuaid.

Here is what is wrong with Mitt Romney's "sanctuary mansion'' problem: For someone touting himself as a brilliant manager, he has fumbled badly an issue that should have been easily resolved long before now....

Romney's excuse that he was giving the firm a "second chance'' and demanding legal workers or else just doesn't wash. Seeking a second chance to exercise poor judgment in a campaign is foolish; and the owner of the service says Romney demanded no such thing anyway.

Romney is trying to win a Presidential race by convincing people that he knows how to run a business, or at least a campaign. If this is an example, it's not working.

Meanwhile, note also McCain's boffo Schilling play.

[Image via Newseum.]

--Michael Crowley