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Romney Fires The Illegals He Had Rehired

Just about a year ago I posted news gleaned from the Boston Globe about Mitt Romney having retained a gardening company for his enormous estate in Belmont, Mass.*  The rub was that, like many gardening concerns, the workers were illegal immigrants...or, as the colloquials put it, "undocumented." 

Maybe you read the new news about Romney's shenanigans.  But you haven't seen all of the news about this, with all the slippery nuances, unless you've read yesterday's Globe.  Two articles, in fact: one, "More immigrant woes for Romney;" the second, "Candidate provides new fodder for rivals." Then, there's a third article in this morning's Globe: "Reaction mixed after Romney fires service."

Romney is not all heart.  We know from the ugly campaign he's been waging against "illegals," as if there were no complicated moral and, indeed, constitutional issues to be confronted on this matter, that he's prepared to be as Draconian as the Republican base will take.  That's a lot.

And, yes, the Democrats want to be soft and look away from the question of how we got where we are.  Which is that, as soon as the last amnesty for illegals was signed into law, everyone averted their gaze from new illegals heading across the borders or staying on after their visas expired.

The fact is that these people do not hate America.  They love America.  And, however problematic and it is very problematic, that should be a source of pride for us.

*Correction: The original version of this post mistakenly referred to Mitt Romney as George Romney.