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Judging Romney; Obama, Huckabee Surge In S.c.

One Problem at a Time [Ron Fournier, Associated Press]: "Mitt Romney's religion is only part of his problem. A bigger threat to his Republican presidential candidacy, advisers say, is a record of policy flip-flops and nagging doubts about his credibility."

Dems Against Foreclosure [Peter G. Gosselin and Peter Nicholas, Los Angeles Times]: "[Hillary Clinton and John Edwards] raced ahead of the Bush administration Wednesday in calling for more sweeping measures to help struggling homeowners with their mortgages."

The Price of Tancredoism [Alan Fram, Associated Press]: "Hispanics are returning to the Democratic Party after several years of drifting toward the Republicans, with many saying Bush administration policies have been harmful to their community, a poll showed Thursday."

Palmetto Polling [Rasmussen Reports]: New South Carolina numbers (conducted Dec. 3-4). Democrats (407 likely voters): Clinton 36 percent, Obama 34, Edwards 13. Republicans (654 likely voters): Huckabee 25, Romney 18, Thompson 18, Giuliani 12, McCain 9.

New Obama Ad [Julie Bosman, The New York Times]: "If any Iowa voters missed Senator Barack Obama’s speech at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Des Moines last month--widely seen as a turning point in his campaign--they can catch it on television."

--Josh Patashnik