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Women Against, Mistresses For Hillary Clinton

Carolina Kudos [John O'Connor and Carolyn Click, The State]: "Some South Carolina evangelicals said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney proved to them they stand on common political ground despite their theological differences with his Mormon faith."

Hot Air [Kenneth Vogel, Politico]: "If a whimsical publicity stunt goes as planned, a blimp hyping the long-shot Republican presidential campaign of the Texas congressman [Ron Paul] will launch next week."

Women Against HRC [Robin Abicarian, Los Angeles Times]: "For upscale women on the left -- historically her toughest crowd -- negative reaction has been more nuanced. Polls show that blue-collar women see her as a defender of their economic interests. But their well-educated upper-middle-class sisters, who aren't as worried about job security, feel free to judge her as they would a peer."

Flashback! [Naftali Bendavid, Baltimore Sun]: "Fifteen years later, [Gennifer] Flowers is impressed with the candidacy of Bill Clinton’s wife. 'I can’t help but want to support my own gender, and she’s as experienced as any of the others, except maybe Joe Biden,' [she] told the Associated Press."

Flash Forward? [Chris Cillizza, Washington Post]: "[In] a non-traditional fight, all bets are off. And, more and more, Obama seems set on turning his candidacy -- and the vote in the Iowa caucuses -- into a movement, insisting that the choice is crucial for the future direction of the country. This idea is illustrated in Obama's latest ad, which began running in Iowa earlier this week."

--Dayo Olopade