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Is The Union Leader "campaigning" For Mccain?

In response to yesterday's Union Leader front page comes this fun letter from this morning's edition

Attacked a McCain opponent

To the Editors: Bob Beckel, the well known Democratic strategist, talked about the New Hampshore Union Leader on TV the other day. He said that once you endorsed a political candidate, you campaigned for that person in your paper. At the time I heard that statement, I didn't believe it.

What a shock to open Thursday's paper (Dec. 6) and see that Bekel was right.You attacked a McCain opponent on your front page and used very flimsy reasoning. A new low for the New Hampshire Union Leader in my opinion.

If you feel that Mitt Romney should micromanage his landscaping service, perhaps you should micromanage your staff and fix some of your machinery. Fifty percent of the time the paper comes with so many extra folds and creases that parts are not readable.

-- Howard Nelson, Washington

As you may know, the paper endorsed McCain a few days ago. 

--Michael Crowley