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More Reactions To Romney's Big Speech

One in the Same: [Matt Yglesias, The Atlantic]: “[W]hat [Romney] wanted to do was discuss just enough about Mormon theology to make it seem as similar as possible to orthodox Christianity while underscoring the idea that the nature of his belief in Christ is relevant to the campaign just insofar as his beliefs overlap with those of the Evangelical Protestants whose votes he's courting.”

Standing Up: [Ed Morrissey, Captain’s Quarters]: “A more important theme in this speech was Romney's insistence that he will not abandon his personal faith for political gain. For a candidate sometimes derided as a flip-flopper, a show of backbone and principle helps build confidence in his ability to fight for other beliefs as well.”

Last Man Standing: [Patrick Ruffini, Patrick Ruffini]” “Rudy may appear weaker in national polling, but he is actually strengthened by the dynamics of the Romney/Huckabee fight.”

An Affair to Remember: [John Riley, Spin Cycle]: “First, it's now hard for [Giuliani] to argue that [Judith Nathan] faced security risks because she was his mistress before anyone knew that she was his mistress. Second … this should jump the story into an easy-to-understand tale of misusing city money.”

--Ben Crair