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Huckabee's Immigration Plan; New Romney Ad

Beyond Chuck Norris [Sarah Wheaton, The New York Times]: "In advance of a Spanish-language debate on Sunday, Mike Huckabee has released a plan for immigration enforcement and border security today."

Robocalls Run Amok [Alan Fram, Associated Press]: "Next time you phone Aunt Betty in Des Moines and she answers with a bark, don't take it personally. Folks in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have gotten lots of unsolicited telephone calls and visits lately from presidential campaigns."

Agog Over Oprah [Michael Calderone, The Politico]: "Mere days after Winfrey’s impending four-city tour was announced, the Obama campaign switched venues for her South Carolina appearance--to an 80,000-capacity stadium."

Clinton's Western Firewall? [American Research Group]: New Nevada poll (Dec. 1-6). Democrats (600 likely caucusgoers): Clinton 45 percent, Obama 18, Edwards 14. Republicans (600 likely caucusgoers): Romney 29, Huckabee 23, Giuliani 17, McCain 7.

Not Politically Correct [Howard Kurtz, Washington Post]: "This Iowa ad attempts to defuse criticism of Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper who changed his stance on key social issues. But it engages in revisionist history to do so."

--Josh Patashnik