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The Rudy Debate; Oprah's Real Benefit

Still the One [James Joyner, Outside the Beltway]: "The path by which someone other than Hillary Clinton gets the nomination is easier to see than it was a month ago. But it's still hers to lose."

Rudy's In Trouble… [Stephen, Cogitamus]: "Giuliani might be the Hero of 9/11--at least in his own mind--but no one is still walking around Kansas City with Rudy Giuliani hats and T-shirts."

…Or Is He? [Ramesh Ponnuru, The Corner]: "His polls may have dropped, but I think he's in better shape to win the nomination than he was when the polls were better for him."

The Oprah Effect [Ana Marie Cox, Swampland]: "What matters the most--and what these rallies were really about--was culling a universe of potential voters that no other candidate has. Pundits who pontificated as to whether Oprah would change people's minds about Obama missed the point."

--Josh Patashnik