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Gop Voters Can't Make Up Their Minds

Indecision: [Adam Nagourney and Meagan Thee, The New York Times]: “Three weeks before the Iowa caucuses, Republican voters across the country appear uninspired by their field of presidential candidates, with a vast majority saying they have not made a final decision about whom to support, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.”

When I Was a Boy: [Sue Anne Pressley Montes, The Washington Post]: “Of all the 2008 presidential candidates, Edwards talks the most about where he came from: the working-class mill towns of the Carolinas and Georgia.”

Scraping By: [Jessica Holzer, The Hill]: “Huckabee has only a skeletal staff in New Hampshire and scant funds for television ads as Iowa drains the bulk of his resources. With only days to leverage momentum from a potential Jan. 3 victory over Romney in the Iowa caucuses before New Hampshire votes on Jan. 8, Huckabee is relying on people like McGinley, a self-described Catholic voter, to propel his candidacy.

Third Parties: [Scott Helman, The Boston Globe]: “[A] constellation of new and existing independent political action committees, nonprofits, and so-called 527 organizations - many of which are unencumbered by the contribution limits that candidates must follow - are poised to play a greater role than ever before.”

Poll 1Insider Advantage

Poll 2: [CNN/Opinion Research, National]: Clinton (54) v. Huckabee (44), Obama (55) v. Huckabee (40), Edwards (60) v. Huckabee (35); Clinton (53) v. Romney (43), Obama (54) v. Romney (41), Edwards (59) v. Romney (37); Clinton (48) v. McCain (50), Obama (48) v. McCain (48), Edwards (52) v. McCain (44)

--Ben Crair