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Special Poll Round-up!

That front page New York Times/CBS News poll has been getting a lot of ink, and you can see the full results in PDF form here. Although not really mentioned in the write-up, the numbers on the economy are striking. Bush's approval rating on the economy specifically is 5 points lower than it's ever been. Moreover, by 18 percentage points, respondents give the advantage to Democrats when asked which party would "ensure" a strong economy. This is the biggest advantage the Dems have had since the question was first asked in 1984.

On the other hand, the poll has some extremely amusing results--the type of results, in fact, that make polling look really silly. For instance, only 50 percent of people were able to rate John Edwards favorably or unfavorably. And yet 74% of respondents were able to answer the following: Has Edwards spent "more time in his campaign explaining what he would do as president or attacking the other Democratic candidates?"

Finally, from the summary: "In fact, nearly as many of Mrs. Clinton’s backers say they are supporting her because of her husband as say they are supporting her because of her own experience." This must count as good news for Obama and Edwards--it's tough to believe that a lot of the support for Bill Hillary isn't pretty soft. 

--Isaac Chotiner