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Malkin Goes Ballistic! Huckabee Stays Hot.

HuckaWHAT?! [Michelle Malkin]: "Yeah, you read it right–the founder of the border control group, the Minuteman Project, is endorsing open-borders-turned-expedient enforcement convert GOP candidate Mike Huckabee."

She Oughta Know Better! [Matt Stoller, OpenLeft]: "Despite her deep understanding of the right-wing noise machine, Clinton is still embracing Fox News. …Why choose a right-wing forum with an extremely limited audience, thereby validating another one of Rupert Murdoch's properties?"

Everyone Likes Edwards? Why?! [Byron York, The Corner]: "Forgive me for thinking this new CNN poll is a little weird.  It shows Democrats winning a lot of presidential matchups, which is not weird, but it shows the strongest Democrat against any Republican candidate is…John Edwards.  Which is a little weird."

About That Politico Piece [publius, Obsidian Wings]: "This devastating, devastating piece is based on a single questionnaire provided to a random voter group in Illinois in 1996 (the famous 'Independent Voters of Illinois--Independent Precinct Organization')."

Be Careful What You Wish For, Dems [Allahpundit, Hot Air]: "Really? The Democrats are dying to do battle with an ordained minister from the south known for his preternatural communication skills and centrist economic and immigration policies?"

--Josh Patashnik