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Trent Lott, Still My Bipartisan Hero

The Hill is reporting that the website was registered to Chet Lott, Sen. Trent Lott's lobbyist son, on October 16, long before Lott dropped the bomb that he'd be retiring from the Senate a mere year after he was re-elected. Looks like there'll probably be a new firm in town soon -- former Democratic Senator John Breaux and son plus Lott and son. Always nice to keep things a family business!

As well as wanting to cash in, I know Lott didn't like some of the new, hyper-conservative, fight-at-all-costs upstarts in the Senate. At least he's keeping his bipartisan style alive after he leaves the chamber, too. 

The best part of the Hill's story, though, was that it tipped me off to Lott's son Chet's musical career. What other lobbyist  also sings country "with the salty flavor of the delta blues"? The Lotts are an odd family.

--Eve Fairbanks