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Need A Last-minute Gift Idea?

Great news! Apparently, the RNC's holiday paraphernalia hasn't been selling as briskly as expected. This means, as today's committee email informs me, "There are still a few limited edition 2008 RNC Calendars and Max the Elephant plush stuffed toys available for purchases." But only, mind you, for the party's "most dedicated supporters."

Having checked out the official GOP store, my strong recommendation is to skip Max. At $35, the 4" x 5" plush pachyderm is a complete rip off. By contrast, I suspect W.-weary conservatives and liberals alike could think up any number of satisfying uses for the $25 calendar "filled with full-color photographs of President Bush, the First Lady and Vice President Cheney." (Just don't let Homeland Security catch you.)

"Order today!" begs the RNC. "Quantity is limited."

--Michelle Cottle