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Obama's Star Power

Last week I posted a SPINE denigrating the importance of Oprah endorsing Obama and Barbara Streisand endorsing Hillary.

Well, I was right about Streisand, though it could matter just a bit in Malibu and Santa Monica.  Elsewhere it was a non-event.  And certainly in Iowa or New Hampshire.

But Oprah's appearances in these two states certainly did make a the polls.  A rally in South Carolina with Obama and the tv superstar attracted 25,000 people.

I read somewhere that Hillary, Hillary's mom and Chelsea barely brought out 250 people when at the same time Obama and Oprah attracted some 10,000.

Deep down I had always felt that Mrs. Clinton's strategy of purporting to be the "inevitable" nominee would not work.  Inevitability is haughty.  Now it's a real race, and that's an advantage to Barack Obama who is playing the anti-political candidate.  In this, Oprah is a tremendous asset.

And if everybody knew Streisand's politics she would not only be a nullity in the campaign but a real detriment.

So, thinking along the same line, Sean Penn has endorsed Dennis Kucinich.  Wow!