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Clinton Adjusts Campaign In Ia, Leads In Rasmussen Poll

Hillary’s Sinking Ship: [Adam Nagourney and Patrick Healy, The New York Times]: “Nowhere are her problems more on display than [Iowa], where success lies in building a person-to-person network of supporters. And nowhere is the Clinton campaign … working more urgently to recalibrate and head off defeat as the Jan. 3 caucus approaches.”

More Evidence of Huckabee’s Insanity: [Zev Chafets, The New York Times]: “Huckabee’s affability and populist economic and social views have sometimes been misinterpreted as a moderate brand of evangelical Christianity. In fact, as he wrote in his book ‘‘Character Makes a Difference,’’ he considers liberalism to be a cancer on Christianity.”

Fred Thompson: Not Always Lazy: [Joel Achenbach, The Washington Post]: “The record shows that, particularly as a younger man, Thompson, now 65, was driven, pretty much a workaholic and in a very literal sense opportunistic.”

Shameless Self-Promotion of the Day: [Thomas Beaumont, The Des Moines Register]: “The Des Moines Register's presidential debates, set for today and Thursday, are the last meetings of the candidates before the leadoff Iowa caucuses and most meaningful of the dozens already held this year, campaign strategists agree.”

Today in Mormonism: [Glen Johnson, AP]: “Republican Mitt Romney retorted to questions about his faith by surging rival Mike Huckabee on Wednesday, declaring that ‘attacking someone's religion is really going too far.’”

Polls: [Rasmussen, New Hampshire]: Obama 31, Clinton 28, Edwards 17; [Rasmussen, Iowa]: Clinton 29, Obama 26, Edwards 22;

--Ben Crair