From today's NYT article about Hillary's struggles in Iowa, this is a bit of a damning admission from the candidate, isn't it?

“I always thought that Iowa would be a challenge,” she said, “and I’m personally really pleased with how far I’ve come, never having done this with Bill. I’ve really been working to understand what was necessary to run a competitive campaign.” [Emphasis added.]

Is this what Hillary means when she talks about experience--things she watched her husband do? And if he hasn't done them before, she's basically clueless?

I mean, it's not like Iowa is Mars and its caucuses are some brand-new political event. It's not like she doesn't have the state's former governor--and his entire political operation, which not so long ago was devoted to his own short-lived presidential campaign--showing her the ropes and supporting her bid. Barack Obama's never done Iowa before (to say nothing of Michelle Obama), either, and he seems to be doing okay.

--Jason Zengerle