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Fred Thompson, The Hardest-working Man In Show Business

Okay, Fred Thompson is really serious now. Time to buckle down. No more slacking. The Washington Post reports that Thompson "has decided to campaign 'nonstop' in Iowa for the next three weeks."

But wait, when you read on, it turns out that "nonstop" means something slightly different for the Thompson campaign:

The campaign plans to launch a bus tour of Iowa starting on Dec.17 and will take a few days off for the Christmas holiday before returning to Iowa for another bus trip, which will continue until the beginning of the new year.

Let me get this straight. They're waiting five days to start this nonstop tour. Then they're going to break for three days in observance of a holiday that I (as an admitted non-Christian) understand to be one day, maybe a day and a half. Then they're going to go for the rest of the week--which is what, three or four days?--and knock off for the New Year. That's dedication.

--Jonathan Chait