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Clinton Adviser Questions Obama's Drug Use

Immigration and Iowa: [Monica Davey, The New York Times]: “The nation’s struggle over immigration may seem distant in states like Iowa, hundreds of miles from any border, but the debate is part of daily life here, more than ever now as residents prepare to pick a president.”

At Least He Has An Energy Policy: [Lee Rood, The Des Moines Register]: “Rather than capping trade or punishing American companies, [Giuliani] said, he would offer government incentives to encourage energy independence and to promote cleaner coal, nuclear power and greener alternatives such as hydroelectric, wind and solar power.”

Best Story From John McCain’s Youth: [Michael E. Ruane, The Washington Post]: “He partied, piled up demerits for misconduct, romanced a Brazilian fashion model, almost quit school and wound up graduating fifth from the bottom of his class.”

Clinton’s Cheap Shot: [Philip Elliot, AP]: “A top adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign said that Democrats should give more thought to Sen. Barack Obama's admissions of illegal drug use before they pick a presidential candidate.”

Polls: [Strategic Vision, Iowa]: Huckabee 30, Romney 25, Thompson 13, Giuliani 10; Obama 33, Clinton 25, Edwards 24; [Rasmussen, National]: Huckabee 23, Giuliani 20, Romney 14, Thompson 10; Clinton 36, Obama 28, Edwards 13.

--Ben Crair