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Campy Mormon 'schoolhouse Rock' Makes Waves

A kitschy cartoon (crudely) tracing the basics of Mormon theology has garnered hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube of late. The Cliffs Notes: Mormon god Elohim is a baller; Lucifer wears red; Jesus keeps his cool; 'endless celestial sex' features prominently. The low-res, Jetsons animation and 'period' views on 'the negro race' suggest this video has been around for ages (producing a deep nostalgic longing for this classic). The resurgence, of course, we owe to Mitt Romney.

After name-checking the "mainstream" Christian tradition (Adam and Eve, Mary Magdalene), the faintly absurd cartoon universe gives way (at 6:15) to a live-action conversation on the breakup of families caused by the rigidity of the Mormon church. Strange bedfellows...I don't know if disillusioned Latter-Day Saints created the video back in, oh, 1975, but the juxtaposition of wacky space travel and disgruntled former Mormons isn't a message Family Man Mitt wants circulating. At all. 

The clip:

P.S. Look for the description of the valiant as "white and delightsome" at 2:36.

--Dayo Olopade