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Is Huckabee About To Get Swift-boated?

Mike Huckabee may be winning the hearts and minds of Iowans, but he's got a long way to go with some of the folks back in his home state. The Arkansas Times's John C. Williams has a smart piece reporting on Huckabee's difficulties with some right-wing Arkansans--and how a group of them are actually going to Iowa to campaign against him (with the help of some cash donations whose origins the group refuses to disclose):

Former Huckabee supporters say, though, that the honeymoon the former governor often enjoys with voters and supporters may not last long. “When you meet Huckabee, you think he's Ronald Reagan,” said Vigneault. “It's later on that you realize he's more Richard Nixon.”

Of course, the fact that these particular people hate Huckabee might actually speak well of him.

--Jason Zengerle