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Rfk Jr. Shares His Personal Tales Of Climate Change

 I just received a DSCC email solicitation from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with this alarming intro:

 Dear Friend,

Where I live in upstate New York, I've recently seen robins and bluebirds show up in the middle of winter.  And this past January, a friend of mine ate asparagus he harvested in the Catskills, which are normally frozen this time of year.

Global warming is no longer a distant threat.  It's happening now.  And we're running out of time to stop it. 

Not to in any way downplay the global warming situation, but it drives me nuts when people cite some random personal encounter or experience as evidence of a massive worldwide climate shift. It just makes them sound daffy. (My God, the skiing at Sun Valley was a disgrace last season--time to outlaw fossil fuels!) 

At the very least, Kennedy should never admit that he has a friend who eats asparagus. That kind of unmanly image won't help the Dems at all.  

 --Michelle Cottle