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The Real Loser In Hillary's Iowa Swoon: Vilsack

Via Drudge (who inimitably tags the link 'OBAMA: HILLARY, WE GOT YOUR PRECINCT CAPTAIN. . .' ), I see that the Obama campaign has posted a YouTube video featuring a former Clinton precinct captain in Iowa who's now supporting Obama.

One interesting note about this: The woman in the video, Susan Klopfer, is from Mt. Pleasant--which is also the hometown of former Iowa governor (and big Hillary supporter) Tom Vilsack. How bad does it look for Vilsack that his candidate is not only on the verge of losing Iowa, but that this prominent turncoat is one of his neighbors? Even if Hillary does manage to pull this thing out, you've got to imagine Vilsack's name isn't going to be too high on her list of potential veep picks.

--Jason Zengerle