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Did Huckabee Just Hire The Kiss Of Death?

Don't worry, Eve, if conservative pundits don't do in Huckabee, his new campaign chairman will: He's just tapped Ed Rollins for the job. Although Rollins helmed Ronald Reagan's landslide reelection effort in 1984, he hasn't had much luck since then--working for a string of losing candidates that has included Ross Perot, Katherine Harris, and KT MacFarland. And in the case of Rollins's one big post-Reagan success--running Christine Todd Whitman's New Jersey gubernatorial campaign in 1993--he managed to shoot himself in the foot afterwards by boasting to reporters that her campaign had paid off black ministers to suppress the vote. Is Huckabee's hiring of Rollins another sign that he's not quite ready for primetime?

--Jason Zengerle