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On Drugs And Truth: Compare Bill Clinton With Barack Obama

There is something so smarmy about Hillary Clinton's campaign for president, and the most smarmy moment was the attack on Obama for telling the truth about his use of cocaine as a young man. After all, it was a very common experience in his generation; and, if someone smart and cool denied having used it, I suspect that he was a liar.

Actually, cocaine wasn't so absent in my generation when we were in our twenties.

So here is Barack Obama admitting to a quotidian truth for his age set, and he's pilloried by the national co-chairman of Mrs. Clinton's campaign who was dutifully following the tone set by the heroine to destroy and pillage.

Well, it's my sense that Obama is, in fact, a deeply honest man -- if a bit innocent on foreign policy. I respect him for his innocent confession to doing something about which he needn't feel guilty.

And I certainly prefer it to Bill Clinton saying he'd taken marijuana but hadn't inhaled. Which obviously was a lie.