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The Giuliani Quiz

I realize this is a bit late, but because it's in a column where people wouldn't necessarily expect it, I figure it's worth linking to Paul Slanksy's "Giuliani Time!" from the Shouts and Murmurs section of this week's New Yorker. This funny, multiple choice quiz is as damaging a takedown as I've read of the former mayor and a good briefing on the dark side of his reign for those who don't remember it. For example:

12. What action by the Giuliani administration was found by the courts to have violated the First Amendment rights of New Yorkers?

(a) Preventing taxi-drivers from assembling for a protest.

(b) Requiring city workers to obtain permission to speak to the press.

(c) Refusing to issue a permit for an anti-police-brutality march.

(d) All of the above, and many more.

 In case you couldn't figure it out, the answer is (d). Enjoy!

 --Ben Crair