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Is Mitt Or Rudy The Bigger Liar?

Yesterday Flip-Flop Mitt got busted for falsely boasting to Tim Russert that the NRA endorsed him during his 2002 gubernatorial race. (Presumably because of all that varmint hunting he's done over the years.) And Rudy, of course, has been running around the country for months now citing bogus stats on everything from government spending to murder rates to cancer survival rates. 

So when will one of these guys receive The Al Gore Treatment and find himself branded a serial exaggerator, a compulsive credit taker, a delusional liar unfit to occupy the Oval Office? 

My assumption is that the hard-core blood-letting and name-calling won't begin until the primaries are over. But I sure hope someone is keeping detailed notes on the river of b.s. these two gentlemen are casually spouting on a regular basis. 

--Michelle Cottle