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Ain't No Sunshine

So, you're Rudy Giuliani. Your poll numbers are crashing nationally. It's looking more and more like you'll be lucky to get a third-place finish in Iowa (where, according to's poll survey, you trail Huckabee and Romney and are in a dead heat with Thompson) or New Hampshire (where you're behind Romney and McCain, with Huckabee gaining) or South Carolina (in back of Romney and Thompson, with Huck again surging). Your novel strategy of taking a few early losses and focusing on Florida and the Feb 5 states is looking like a worse and worse idea--especially in light of a new Rasmussen poll that shows you slipping to third even in the Sunshine State. (You think they're having second thoughts now? Wait 'til you come calling with a few fourth-place finishes in your pocket.)

So what do you do? Scale back your ad buys in New Hampshire and evidently double down on Florida. Well, they do say it's a nice place to retire...

--Christopher Orr