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Ron Paul Speaks, Vows To Play Nice

Des Moines, Iowa--  It's one of the stranger aspects of this campaign that Ron Paul can make history by raising $6 million in a day, then have just a handful of reporters show up to his press conference the next day. (Before anyone jumps on me: Yes, there were also some camera crews and other folks in the back.)

Never a showman, Paul had little to add to fundraising numbers that speak for themselves anyway. He wouldn't speculate on how he'll do in Iowa, except to ask, "Do we have enough time to harness this momentum, all this money coming in?" And he once again refused to rule out running as an independent, but added, "I cant forsee that happening."

I took the opportunity to ask him whether he could envision playing kingmaker, so to speak, by spending his money or advertising supporting or opposing any other given Republican. He said no. "I can't conceive of a reason to use this against a particular candidate or for a particular candidate," he said. "This money will be used for the reasons it was sent." 

Of course, it's hardly 100 percent clear what those reasons are. Iraq? Libertarianism? The gold standard? Some inchoate anti-establishment anger? But sounds like it ain't gonna go, say, down Rudy's throat. 

--Michael Crowley