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Edwards Receives Endorsement; Clinton Cries

Edwards’s First Lady, Not Named Elizabeth: [Julie Bosman, The New York Times]: “This afternoon at an Edwards campaign event, [Iowa’s First Lady] Mrs. Culver announced that she would endorse Mr. Edwards in the Iowa caucus, giving him a small but well-timed nod in a week full of competing endorsements across the Democratic field.”

Spot the Underhandedness: [Alexander Mooney, CNN]: “Democrat Hillary Clinton got visibly emotional at an Iowa campaign event Monday morning designed to showcase a softer side of the New York senator”

Farm Boy: [Mike Glover, AP]: “Powerful interests in Washington have swayed a new farm bill toward big business, Democrat Barack Obama said Monday, campaigning in the most rural region of this crucial early voting state and promising to do better as president.”

Giuliani Treats New Hampshire Like An Old Mistress: [Michael Cooper, The New York Times]: “Rudolph W. Giuliani may have scaled back his television advertising here in New Hampshire after it failed to lift his standing in the polls, but he told a town-hall-style meeting here Monday that he is competing to win in the primary, and boasted that he will campaign here again next fall”

Polls: [Rasmussen, National]: Edwards (46 percent) v. McCain (39); Edwards (49) v. Huckabee (37);  [Quinnipiac, New York State]: Clinton (53) v. Giuliani (32)

--Ben Crair