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Mike Huckabee = Jimmy Carter?

For the damned-by-faint-praise quote of the day, here's a perky Jeri Thompson, five minutes ago on Las Vegas's KDWN:

[Huckabee] reminds me a lot of when I met Jimmy Carter. He talks a lot about compassion, and everybody feels that way, especially around Christmastime!

P.S.: Thompson also provided a good example of how excruciatingly hard it seems to be for the Republican hopefuls to cease tooting their Christian horns. The KDWN interviewer, who plugged a segment she's doing later on the overly religious nature of the Republican race, asked Jeri, "Do you think there's too much religion in this race?" Jeri's reply: "[The voters] don't really care what Fred's faith is, as long as they know he's a good man and has a relationship with Jesus Christ." Nice pivot!

Eve Fairbanks