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Obama Snags Former Clinton Advisers

Jumping Ship: [Amy Lorentzen, AP]: “On Tuesday, [Obama] brought out a group of policy advisers including Tony Lake, a national security adviser to former President Clinton, and Susan Rice, former assistant secretary of state for African Affairs under Clinton.”

Making Up For Lost Time:[Michael Luo, The New York Times]: “Mr. Romney is scheduled to make five appearances across South Carolina today, hopscotching across the state with the help of four different plane flights on a charter jet ... It is his first trip back to the state since Nov. 9 and markedly different because of Mr. Huckabee’s ascendancy.”

Magic Touch: [Anne E. Kornblut, The Washington Post]: “With both her husband and basketball great Magic Johnson at her side during a frenzied stop at the Hy-Vee grocery store, Hillary Clinton finally got the question she had been waiting for: Did she feel she had hit her stride during recent stops?”

Polls: [USA Today/Gallup, National]: Giuliani 27, Huckabee 16, McCain 14, Thompson 14, Romney 14; Clinton 46; Obama 27; Edwards 15. [Rasmussen, South Carolina]: Clinton 33, Obama 33, Edwards 17.

Latest Romney Attack Ad: [CNN]: “In a new TV ad airing in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stepped up his attacks on rival Mike Huckabee, this time accusing the former Arkansas governor of being soft on crime.”

--Ben Crair