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Defining Defining Moments Down

I thought Fred Thompson had a decent line when he refused to raise his hand at last week's DMR debate, but his campaign evidently thinks it was something much more. From today's NYT:

After Mr. Thompson, the former Tennessee senator, told Carolyn Washburn, the moderator, that he was “not doing hand shows today,” in reply to a question about global warming, his campaign renamed the tour “The Clear Conservative Choice: Hands Down! Bus Tour in Iowa.” And for at least his first three stops on the 15-day swing through Iowa, Mr. Thompson made sure to remind his audiences of what his campaign called his “defining moment.”

Do note the irony that Thompson's defining moment involves his refusal to do something. Fred Thompson: so lazy he won't even raise his hand!

P.S. Or maybe Thompson's just adopting the Crowley strategy* and making a virtue out of his sloth.

*--link goes to an NYT blog item about Crowley's TNR article, since our online archives are still apparently unavailable

--Jason Zengerle