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Immigration Iowan Republicans' Top Concern

Let the Pandering Begin (Or Accelerate): [Jon Cohen and Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post]: “Immigration now stands as the top issue for the state's GOP voters. ... The emergence of immigration as a major issue in Iowa, where three in 10 GOP voters call it a top concern, creates an early test of its political potency.”

The Company You Keep I: [Liz Sidoti, AP]: “Romney staunchly defended Bush in Iowa a few days after rival Mike Huckabee criticized the Bush administration's efforts in a Foreign Affairs journal article, denouncing a go-it-alone ‘arrogant bunker mentality’ and questioning decisions on Iraq.”

About That War…: [Patrick Healy, The New York Times]: “‘I think we can bring home one to two combat brigades a month,’ [Clinton] told an audience member who posed the question. ‘I think we can bring nearly everybody home, you know, certainly within a year if we keep at it and do it very steadily.’”

The Company You Keep II: [CNN]: “Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has received a $500 campaign donation from a white supremacist, and the Texas congressman doesn't plan to return it, an aide said Wednesday.”

Polls: [Rasmussen, N.H.]: Clinton 31, Obama 28, Edwards 18; [Rasmussen, N.H.]: Romney 31, McCain 27, Giuliani 13, Huckabee 11; [Rasmussen, I.A.]: Huckabee 28; Romney 27; McCain 14

--Ben Crair