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Hillary's Holiday Ad Not Half Bad

I realize we're in a stage of the presidential-race news cycle where everyone dumps on Hillary and praises Obama. But I thought I'd make the case that Hill's new holiday ad is pretty clever. 

It feature the candidate wrapping presents and putting labels on them like "Universal Health Care," "Alternative Energy," "Middle Class Tax Breaks," and "Bring the Troops Home." She pauses, looks around, and asks, "Now where did I put Universal Pre-K?"

Sniff at it for being hokey, but the ad showcases Hillary doing something domestically warm-and-fuzzy, which voters for some reason seem to crave, but it also keeps you focused on the big issues. Plus it's cheeky, sending the message that the gal has a decent sense of humor--which isn't always so clear. 

It doesn't suck--which I consider high praise for a political ad.  

--Michelle Cottle