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Rich Man, Poor Man

Noam had a very sharp post on The Stump yesterday suggesting that working-class GOP voters--and especially evangelicals--may be pretty ticked off if it appears that Mike Huckabee is denied the nomination thanks to a concerted effort by DC and New York conservative elites--or, as Huckabee himself is already calling it, "the Wall Street to Washington axis--this corridor of power."

It occurs to me that this anger is likely to be particularly pronounced if the eventual nominee is Mitt Romney, as still seems to me the most probable scenario. I mean, can you imagine a better foil for Huckabee's corn-fed populism than a patrician, corporate, multimillionaire, religiously suspect, seemingly conviction-less politician's son from the North like Romney?

--Christopher Orr

Update: Noam has more on Huckabee marketing himself as the-candidate-the-GOP-elites-want-to-destroy here.