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How Much Does The Gop Establishment Hate Huckabee?

So much that they're no longer willing to fight back against the "War on Christmas." From The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes's report on Huck in Iowa:

And as he has done at each stop over the last couple days, Huckabee ended his speech this way: "I know this is probably a very controversial thing, but may I say to you, Merry Christmas!"

Of course, saying "Merry Christmas" to Republicans in Iowa is hardly a risky thing to do. But Huckabee has effectively adopted as his bogeymen the secularists' waging so-called "War on Christmas," and he plays his willingness to say "Merry Christmas" as the ultimate act of defiance. (Is it really? On CNN's American Morning today, the two hosts signed off by saying "Merry Christmas.") [Emphasis added.]

So Hayes thinks the W.O.C. isn't real? I dare him to say that to Bill O'Reilly's face.

--Jason Zengerle