If I'm Hillary, the biggest sign that my campaign's in trouble isn't my declining poll numbers, it's the fact that Bill Richardson is attacking me. From the NYT's Patrick Healy:

MUSCATINE, Iowa — I just got a phone call — unprompted — from Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, a Democratic candidate for president, blasting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for saying she would withdraw nearly all American troops from Iraq within a year of beginning redeployment.

“Senator Clinton’s comments are a stunning flip-flop — she’s been saying she would keep troops in Iraq for five years, until 2013, and now she comes up with an inconsistent, incredible turnaround,” Mr. Richardson said.

Remember, it was only a couple weeks ago that Richardson--presumably with his eye on the number two spot on the Democratic ticket--couldn't kiss up to Hillary enough. And now he's calling reporters himself to go negative on her. How much longer until he calls them--unprompted--to offer kind words for Obama?

--Jason Zengerle