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The Tnr Caucus: Who's Got Your Vote?

With just eight days to go until Iowa, we here at TNR thought it would be an oppurtune moment to do an informal caucus of our own. We want to give our beloved commenters the floor, and get an answer to the big questions: Who has your vote, and why? In what's already been a wildly unpredictable campaign, what do you think, as of today, is going to happen in the end? 

Of course, there are other issues that would also be interesting to hear from y'all on, if you're so inclined. For instance, in general, have you found yourself more engaged or less engaged by the campaigns--and by camapign news--this year? And has there been any particular argument, moment, event, debate, book, or article that's helped you make up your mind, one way or the other? (And no, we're not trolling for compliments.) So please, comment away!

--Ben Wasserstein