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Biden & Bhutto

I have no real idea how--or even if--Benzair Bhutto's assassination will impact the presidential race, but it's interesting to see that the Biden campaign has just announced that its candidate will hold a press conference in Iowa in about an hour to discuss it. Biden, you may remember, boasted that he spoke to Musharraf before Bush did after the Pakistan president declared a state of emergency in November. I wonder if he'll beat Bush to Musharraf this time, too.

P.S. I see that Crowley thinks the turmoil in Pakistan might benefit Hillary. I guess the key factor is going to be just how scary things get over there in the next few days. Crazy enough that people in Iowa and New Hampshire will actually factor that into their votes? 

P.P.S. Also, via Marty, Matt Bai has a very nice tribute to Biden. Definitely worth a read, especially for you Biden fans. (I'm looking at you teplukhin.)

--Jason Zengerle