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Waiting For Huck...

Indianola, Iowa

Mike and I are both here at some beer-and-burger joint waiting for a Huckabee presser to start. I missed the preceding event (I think Mike's about to blog about it), but I'm told Huck really laid into Romney, so we'll probably get more of the same. One quick thought before he does: When I showed up at that Romney event this morning, I thought the energy level was pretty high. A decent number of supporters turned out, and there was a respectable media scrum, too. Then I showed up at this event and thought, boy is Romney in trouble. Among other things, there are at least three times as many reporters and cameras following Huckabee around. The press can obviously be wrong about these things--for that matter, the whole reason Huckabee is lashing out at Romney is because he's starting to sweat things. But, if one can gauge from atmosphere alone, there's really no comparison. This is a carnival; Romney's on a slightly overbooked golf outing.

Update: Obviously, see Mike from just now...

--Noam Scheiber