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Dissecting Hillary's Stump Speech

After hearing it a couple of times yesterday, here's how the latest version breaks down: 

--The next president faces big problems--from Iraq to the economy--and I'm ready on day one. I'm experienced. I've traveled the world and I know foreign policy.

--I can solve problems and have passed bills with Senate Republicans like Lindsey Graham. "But I know how to stand my ground," too, like when I fought Bush over Social Security privatization.  

--You don't get change through hope or demands (implicit Obama/Edwards shot), you get it through "hard work." And I have a record of that. ("I'm not asking you to take me on faith.")

--I'm not an android! I have a nice mother, went to church, and began my career "helping children."

--My health insurance plan will cover everyone. How can we leave anyone out? Health care doesn't need a "Band-Aid" solution, it needs to be "solved." (Implicit Obama shot.)

--Times are tough. The middle class is struggling, thanks to greedy Bush Republican policies. Foreigners are scary: "We're going to quit borrowing from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudis!" (Sure-fire applause line.) I'll improve education and make college affordable to raise your standard of living.

--I'll reform the government to end cronyism, corruption, and no-bid contracts.

--I will end the war in Iraq (now reduced to about 30 seconds of speaking time) and work 25 hours a day to make sure veterans are properly cared for.

--If Iowans stand up for me by caucusing I will stand up for them and struggling Americans everywhere. I have fought Republicans for years and am still standing and can beat them in November. 

--Michael Crowley