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Liberal Bloggers Vs. Obama

A largely untold story of the Democratic campaign so far is the absence of a kingmaker role by the top liberal bloggers, who never coalesced clearly around one candidate. For a while the netroots were mostly defined by their animus towards Hillary, but she managed to neutralize a lot of that energy. Chris Dodd was the sentimental favorite for many, but never gained the poll traction to do anything with it.

As for Obama, he's had his cheerleaders, but in the closing weeks of the Iowa race he's been taking a striking amount of flak from lefty blog majordomos, some of which comes from the Paul Krugman, stop-attacking-from-the right, school of thought....

Update: One more, from Ezra Klein. (Just brought to my attention--as all but one of these were--courtesy of the gleeful Edwards campaign.)

--Michael Crowley