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Drop Dead Fred (thompson, That Is)

Everyone's already noted the surprising findings about Obama and Huckabee in the final DMR poll. But it's an unsurprising one that pleases me most: Fred Thompson is polling in the single digits and is tied with Ron Paul.

In case you missed it over the holiday weekend, you should read Mike's tragicomic pre-obit of the Thompson presidential campaign. Given what Mike witnessed, it's easy to think Thompson would actually be relieved by a fifith-place finish in Iowa, since it would give him an excuse to tell his wife that he's dropping out right then and there.

P.S. By the way, it's not modesty--but something else, alas--that's stopped me from linking to all the posts I wrote last year ridiculing the idea that Thompson was some sort of Republican savior. I'm so rarely actually right about something. And now I can't even engage in a little New Year's boasting.

P.P.S. Ah, here's an example of my prescience. (Sorry Chait.) The New Republic might not have TNR's archives, but the Free Republic does!

--Jason Zengerle