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Beware A Switcher Who's Already Cheated Once ...


Switchers, switchers, switchers. They're the campaign trophy of the year. First there was Susan Klopfer, Tom Vilsack's neighbor who was volunteering for Hillary but then did a YouTube video about her decision to switch to Obama. Then Hillary did a YouTube called "Switchers," featuring people who once liked Obama but now like Hillary. Obama countered with "a letter from 8 Iowans who supported John Edwards in the 2004 caucuses but are now supporting Barack Obama." Etc etc etc. 

What was that about Susan Klopfer? Oops! Apparently the girl is switching again. She was spotted today at an Edwards house party; last night she dabbled in Richardson. "In [Obama and Clinton] I didn't see the experience that I'd like to see and kind of the groundedness that I'd like to see," she told NBC, "so I'm really looking at Edwards, and I'm still really looking at Richardson." 

Of course, Richardson sent out a press release about it ... leaving out the part about Edwards.

Money quote from Klopfer: "[My Obama Youtube] got more hits than Paris Hilton and Britney Spears." Aw. I guess she misses that.

-- Eve Fairbanks